A collection of contemporary Abstract and Impressionist art by artists, who, with their signature styles celebrate on canvas their New Joys.

Abstract Artist
Kankan’s signature style combines colors and fluid movement that seem to have a continuous energy that is unstoppable.
Her last group show was at the Agora Gallery in New York last May 2017.

She has had a solo exhibit and numerous group shows in Manila.

Abstract Artist
Stephanie’s signature style has controlled yet free movement
using colors that play between vibrant and strong or cool and calm palletes.

She has exhibited at the Sansó Museum as part of the yearlong series of exhibits of the 70 Years Retrospective in Art of Juvenal Sansó. Stephanie has had several group shows and art auctions in Manila.

Impressionist Artist
Angie’s signature style is fresh and imaginative using subjects like flowers, trees and landscapes. Her strokes are playful, rhythmic and melodic.
She has had several solo shows and group shows in Manila

Impressionist Naive Artist
Miel’s childlike expression is a combination of today’s generation, young and brazen with the impression and feel of the old Filipino masters. Her dinstinct palette that combine rich tones and earthy hues is a perfect foil for the sureness of her thick strokes.
She has shown in several group shows and her works are sought after by her private collectors.

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