Art & Art Manila

June 12-30, 2016

Every face is a mask that hides a thousand stories, a conduit of the soul and a portrait of many lives lived. Kankan Ramos unmasks herself in her first solo exhibit titled ABOUT: FACE.

For Kankan, art is a space to explore her identity defined by the many roles and demands she has taken on as a woman. She uses earth-bound themes to reveal a sense of hope and feelings of convalescence from harsh truths. The heavy brush strokes and solid colors exude a sagacity wrought by the totality of her experiences.

Her passion for art began as soon as she could grasp a pencil. In between being a mother, wife, daughter, friend and co-worker, she paints and draws on nearly any surface, from sneakers to coffee cups and restaurant walls. Art became a way to express herself on a daily basis.

When not doodling in Starbucks, Kankan is in an office chair working as a director for digital marketing.