COVID19 – How a virus changed us.

On January 2020, we heard of the first three COVID19 cases in the Philippines. What started as 3 has ballooned to hundreds of thousands.

Three months later, we were placed on Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), the strictest category of quarantines; we had to stay home, unable to leave unless on emergencies and essential runs.

Now on our 6th month, what has happened to us? What version of us emerged?

Through this collection of 100+ hand drawn portraits, Kankan Ramos tells the story of our individual truths – deepening wrinkles, untrimmed facial hair, darkening eyebags, unkempt locks, and everything in-between. While these are all daily reminders of our lives in lockdown, they also tell a different side to our being – our vulnerabilities, our defeats, our triumphs, our resilience, and our ability to hope.

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